Camera One
Viaas (Camera One how-to video)
Screen grab from the opening shot of the video, all created @ Belm Designs
Motion tracked graphical elements add to the live action footage.
Various frame from the video
Rigging for the drop ceiling sequence. Having the floor monitor makeFilming the mounting sequence on green screen

Setting up the rig to rotate the product and then dialing-in the camera
Mark Bell doing a little color correction on the LED indicators and motion tracking...
Having a good mask is crucial for a good composite later. Aaron is making sure the mask is nice and tight. We could have keyed the footage since it was shot on green screen but decided in this case to mask out.
So far, so good! We now have a good plate to lay behind any background we want, in this case it's white.
This is a frame grab of the PoE adapter composited over on-screen graphic titles
Working out the steps needed for the correct order
A frame grab showing the LEDs after color correction. Without it you would not be able to see the orginal indicators.
We actually used the product quite extensively and learned all the ins and outs of the camera which made telling the story easier.
The finished mounting sequence that we filmed on green screen
Here you can really see the compositing of the green screen footage
End frame and call to action
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