Point of Purchase Display
High-end POP for new product
Simple and clean, always part of our formula
M. Bell - Belm Designs
Cutting and trimming the acrylic to size with the bandsaw
Polishing edges. Wanted to remove the teeth marks left from the bandsaw cut.
Acrylic Cement works great for bonding the material permanently
Just a few dabs of the acrylic cement is enough with this material.
Clamping the pieces together for a super-tight bond.
Removing the protective film on the acrylic
Assembled display with no graphics yet...
The graphic we created for product posters, etc. will be used on the displays to carry the campaign through. Getting ready to print.
For the print we used a special fabric material that won't rip or fade. The material has a nice satin finish and can be removed easily from the display with no residue.
Applying the graphic to the display, normally I'd use a squeegee but the ruler was closer.
Trimming the graphic with a razor
Finished displays
Finished display with product
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