Gourmet Cheesecake Packaging
Behind the scenes on retail box redesign
BELM DESIGNS got the opportunity to work with a Silicon Valley Favorite. Charlie's Cheesecake Poppers are among some of the best treats in the valley and it was time for a revamp of it's current packaging. One challenge for BELM DESIGNS was to depict the Cheesecake Poppers as bite-sized without looking like full size cupcakes. The project was fun and Charlie provided us with lots of gourmet cheesecakes to sample in the process. The new packaging has been received with great enthusiasm from the public and customers alike. We look forward to working on the next packaging design for the seasonal cheesecakes that will follow.The new packaging should be in stores by May 2012. Check your local Costco guys!
 Sample of the actual product. Yummy!
Old packaging.
Production assistant setting up cakes for the photo shoot.
Multiple photos where taken to use in the graphic design phase of the project.
Some shots required a macro lens for closeups and fine detail while other shots were a bit wider.
Flash photography is the only way to go...
After the photo shoot the images were incorporated into 3 different designs comps for client review.
After multiple designs were created a 3D mockup was supplied to the client. This method is popular because you can get a real feel for what the packaging will look like.

Concept 1
Concept 2 was chosen by the client. Additional changes were made to the design to better communicate brand messaging. One particular challenge for Belm was to get the image of the cheesecake poppers to be close to actual size. Shot to close and the cheesecakes look like cupcakes and to far out the packaging becomes busy.

Concept 3

Once a concept is chosen it is further refined.
Product Shot

After layout and design process (Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop) the design is printed at 100% to produce a physical mockup.
Old design on the left. Updated design on the right.
I'd like to also not that the company logo and product logo were refreshed with the redesign giving the client a new updated look and feel.
Next step in the process was to laminate the print to the actual cardboard that will be used in the production run.
After running it all through the laminator the box was cut, scored and folded to produce the mockup.
Concept artwork with new packaging design.
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