Design work for custom freestanding store kiosk
First and foremost, getting feedback on the project from the client
Conceptual renderings of 1 of 3 kiosk ideas
Designing the layout used for the cardboard Kisok Design with CAD tool.
Example Cardboard POP
There is a lot of engineering that goes into making a floor standing Point-of-Purchase display. You can actually get a lot of insight from other designs.
Another example of a cardboard POP
This is small compared to the display we are building.
Curved concept (face only) with shelving unit.
Concept 1: Double sided free standing display
Concept 2: Single side end cap style display
Conceptual renderings
1/20th Scale mockup Kiosk, cut and creased ready to fold...
A few adjustment to the model so we had to bring out the old creasing table and tool
Graphics will be added in a later version of the mockup.
Overhead view. Working out a few issues stability issues.
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