(Personal Unified Communication Killer-App)
Imagine a device with the build quality of an iPhone that will never miss any of life's important moments. Always there, ready to connect you with friends, family or the morning wave goodbye from a child as they start their day. How about connecting to any online or mobile device that can receive a call. Last but not least a device that fits into any room decor in your household utilizing a small foot print and extremely easy to setup. Then imagine PUCK.

PUCK (Personal Unified Communication Killer-App) is just such a product. About the the size of a hockey puck and wall mounted this little gem is ready to keep you connected. A full color touch screen enables you to configure PUCK for just about any communications task while sophisticated software takes care of all the hard stuff in the background. PUCK fits into any wireless network and has the ability to connect with other third party accessories like headphones, earbuds, etc. The device is also equipped with HD optics suited to work even in the lowest lighting conditions.

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 PUCK initial concept sketches...
Concept 3

This version added a full color touch screen and high definition wide angle optics with auto focus.
The chrome outer ring acts as a on/off switch and operates the iris door.
PUCK @ the office...
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